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A family torn apart, with no rights and little hope embodies the suffering of so many other Rohingya families who have been persecuted for decades by the Burmese authorities and Buddhist nationalists. 


At the peak of the largest humanitarian crisis in recent history, the film explores the long and desperate journey of one family that has been separated by the conflict, with exclusive footage from Northern Rakhine State in Myanmar, a no-go zone for journalists and foreigners. 


Through the enduring tale of Sajidah’s trip to Malaysia in 2015, when her boat became stranded at sea for weeks and the more recent escape of her sister-in-law Rahajan, to Bangladesh, after witnessing her family members burnt alive, viewers will have an intimate look at a human tragedy with no solutions in sight. 


Their conversations, their desperate actions and a phone call, which briefly reunites and brings joy to the families before contact is lost, are pieces of everyday life of a family and a population so often dehumanized.


Families waiting for food, waiting for shelter and waiting for peace while the world debates whether or not we are witnessing another genocide.

Official Trailer

Carla Agustoni Journalistic Award  - 2018 

2018 - London Independant

Film Festival   

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